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About me

I'm Lieze and I have been passionate about content creation since I had my first voice recorder at the age of 9. While studying journalism years later, I discovered my true passion: videography. 

I worked in the Flemish television Industry for 7 years which provides me with strong foundations as a digital creative. 

I grew up in Belgium but as I got older I had the opportunity to live in different countries. Because of this I gained a unique perspective on videography and marketing. Seeing how different countries approach these fields has given me a better understanding of what works and what doesn't. I've been able to incorporate these insights into my work, making my skills stronger and more versatile. Whether it's adapting to local cultural nuances or understanding the latest global trends, my international experience has given me a competitive edge in the world of videography and marketing.

My goal is to tell stories of people, brands and businesses and help them see their true capacity beyond their dreams.

Let's talk soon!

Lieze Liefsoens
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